What does music mean to you? 

Recently I heard a few people’s perspectives on music, and why they listen to the certain type of music they do. I also read an essay that a comic book writer wrote about very graphic, violent comics and their affects on children. He mentioned a few stories about how comics actually bettered the lives of children, rather than leading them to violence. He also mentioned one particular story, where someone listened to gangster rap, because it made them feel empowered, and helped them get through a rough patch in their life. The author wrote about these particular forms of entertainment that gave the illusion that music, fictional stories, and all of the entertainment we participate in, could provide an outlet for people to express or indulge suppressed feelings. At the moment I’m sitting in a dark room, listening to music in my earbuds, with only the light of my computer screen penetrating the serenity I have created for myself. This is the way I unwind. The music is resounding in my ears, and I let it take me through a journey with my thoughts and senses, with every beat and lyric. 

At the moment I’ve left the song choice up to whatever happens to be on my spotify playlist. There is one common theme to all of this music though… It all is about people… Mainly relationships, yearning to be with someone, or heartbreak. I know many may say “well all songs are about people” that is very true… But none of these songs are talking about getting laid, partying, drinking, or celebrating the simple fact that it is the weekend (“oh my god it’s the weekend, put your hands up for the weekend” Eden xo, I’m referring to you…). 
These songs each provide their own little story, and I feel myself brought along on the journey of their relationships. If some of you may not have realized through prior posts, I am very fascinated by interactions, relationships, and the like, so these types of songs really appeal to me. Now there is one song that just straddles the line between being about hooking up or an actual relationship, that I like to listen to as well. I’m sure those of you who listen to mainstream music on the radio will be familiar with it, it’s Tove lo’s “talking body.” Now even though she may simply be singing about hooking up with the guy, there is a particular lyric that stands out to me in the song- “Now if we’re talking body, you’ve got a perfect one, so put it on me.” She’s not simply saying his body is sexy, she’s saying it’s perfect…. There is something about the true appreciation of the human form that resonates with me. The thought that no matter who you are, someone looks at your body and thinks you’re perfection, because everyone has a unique definition of a perfect body. Tove lo likes her guys thinner and more alternative looking, other women like their men in between thin and bulky, and then there are those who like bulky guys. No matter what shape or size your healthy body is, it is admired in the rawest form, by any lover who chooses to appreciate it with their hands or mouth… It may seem superficial to put any weight on random physical flings, but when you look at it in a deeper sense, no matter what your feelings are towards one another, you are savoring every touch, sight, taste of that amazing one-of-a-kind body, that lay before your eyes. To me, that’s quite an amazing experience we go through as humans. Many people don’t look at their body and think perfection, but when evaluating someone else’s body, they can go to the extreme of declaring it’s perfection. 
But back to the vague main point of all this rambling…
The power that fictional writings and music has, to create such vivid images in our minds is spectacular. The ability that these things have to evoke emotions is purely priceless, and I think it should be acknowledged more often. Simply reading or listening to music could serve to possibly be one of the best forms of therapy one could ever provide themselves. 

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