Relationships and a paper for finals

Relationships are like writing a very important paper for the end of a semester, to determine whether you pass or fail that class. You may get right on top of it and get it all done and have all that time in between the deadline unburdened form your paper. But you never check and edit your work to perfection, gradually, with all that time you just made. Then there is the procrastinator, who will keep pushing off the task of writing it until he has to turn it in the next day, and then paper isn’t fulfilled, it’s empty, and displays the shallow amount of knowledge that was grasped during his cram session. Those two people turn in the paper and hope for the best, finally realizing that this is huge for their final grade. Too Little, too late. Once they get that paper back marked with an F they shake their heads, and still don’t realize they were the problem, it was never their paper.
The proper way to write a paper is to use all the time you have until your deadline, to ration out days of writing and studying for your paper. You have time to let it grow and flourish, devolving into a master piece. People wonder why you spent so much time on that paper when you could have been indulging in the selfish affairs of life. All you tell them is that you knew with just that right effort you could create a gorgeous paper.
They all laugh, but your smile never fades. You realize that you know something they don’t, and they may just never understand what it truly takes to create that type of master piece.

The third person truly knows how to treat someone (the fictitious paper), in a relationship.

Bye bye readers, this was just a random comparison I thought I’d share :p.

Women celebrities these days

Here is the rant I promised you in the last post ;). I’ll repeat the topic for those of you who didn’t read that post. I was going to talk about the dress code and behavior of today’s women in this society. I think I’m actually going to just write about the behavior.
The other day I pulled up a page with lyrics to a song, so I could sing along. Call me weird for doing that, but I am just not a person who feels comfortable awkwardly mumbling once I realized I sang a part of a song, out loud wrong, trying to play it off as humming. But as I was saying about the webpage, off to the side of the page there were advertisements of related videos. One read ‘Rihanna twerking in a Marie Antoinette wig’. Of course curiosity got the best of me and I clicked to see the costume, and to see what rhianna’s personal style of twerking looked like. I immediately turned it off when I started to get uncomfortable watching people dancing almost fully naked, splashing their bare asses against some water to get those liquids flowing for men and that poor puddle of water they contaminated with their rear end. Then you get to the clip of rhinanna with her “classy” jewels covering her otherwise bare body. She proceeds to stand facing towards her ‘thrown’ (I mentally rolled my eyes as I thought wtf??), and she holds on to it as she gyrates her hips towards the poor chair.
I know men get can get turned on by twerking, it’s a primal thing I guess. I just can’t see how women shaking their asses up and down for all of the public to see, makes them somehow feel that that show was in any way specially for them. Could you guys just take an actual look at the video and analyze it a bit more. Women are such attention whores these days, or they’re just doing it because they want you to spend money to get their songs and buy their music videos on iTunes so you have an instant video clip to defer to whenever you feel the urge to ‘toss one off’. Think about if this was your girlfriend, would you really want a girl trying to take money from you, you would see right through it, but these women are just trying to make a living, we shouldn’t judge them for their artistic flare. Oh and also their outward prostitution of their bodies……
Think about how you would feel if rhianna was your girlfriend and men all over the world were getting off on the video of her twerking. Or the attention aspect of this all, no guy likes a girl who is a “me, me, me” kind of person, they would think she is self centered girl.
Now I don’t completely hate Rihanna or anything. I like some of her songs, and I think that when she wears a baseball cap, a hoodie, with long curly hair, she looks like a chill, nice person. I’ve just not come to grasp with why one must twerk in their music video in order for it to be of any higher quality.
Another problem is that now some popular videos on YouTube, vine, and other apps by which you can upload videos, are videos of kids of all age twerking. I’ve seen kids as young as 11 probably, twerking in a video that was shared to the public. Teenage girls are doing it and then posting it to their Facebook pages or other social media accounts in attempts to grasp the attention of the other sex, by using their twerking abilities. Of course that is only going to lead to attention from shallow, thoughtless guys, who just want them for the way their body looks or moves.
I don’t hate twerking in general, but what I do hate is women posting it for any guy’s eyes. Making sexual motions with your body like that should only be showcase for a boyfriend or husband. Some religions think that even showing your hair is an intimate thing, so they make their women wear hijabs. And here we are letting people post these kinds of videos on websites for any man to see.
It’s like Kim kardashian posing for playboy. All those men who looked at those pictures probably found the nearest empty room right away. But I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that if any of those men had the chance to date Kim kardashian that they probably wouldn’t want her to ever pose nude again while in a relationship with her. They’d probably want to have her body to themselves to fully enjoy.
I know that the porn industry isn’t going to shut down, and girls won’t stop twerking, and celebrities won’t keep their music videos classy. I just really wish that sex wasn’t advertised as purely for pleasure, and that it comes plentifully, so don’t savor it. Since when has the view of sex changed from “between man and wife” to “any stranger you find hot, just bang them, because it’s only for pleasure,” or detached from the view “to connect with the one you love, on a deeper level, to draw you two closer together.”

Goodbye fellow bloggers. I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you didn’t, I hope I didn’t offend you in any way. This is just another rant of my view on another random topic :p.

A sweet little memory

This is the short story of Nicholas and Haley. I didn’t know much about the two of them or how they initially met. What I do know, though, is that they both played part in one of the cutest memories that will be forever stuck in my mind.

They both joined a class to widen their knowledge of nature. When Nicholas came into class the first day he was wearing an undeniably cute little plaid short sleeved button up, plus his binoculars that were hung around his neck. Haley was as pale as a cotton ball, with her thin woodsy-maroon hair pulled back into a light little ponytail.

It was about midway through the class when they were about to be led on a nature hike. Haley went to pick up Nicholas’s binoculars for him, because he had placed them on the table during one of the activities. Confused, Nicholas quickly made his way over to her and exclaimed “Haley! Are you trying to steal my binoculars?!”. Shocked that he would even accuse her of that, she quickly replied, “No Nicholas, I would never do that, I- I-I love you Nicholas!!”. Relieved, but still quit puzzled, he answered back, “Oh.” The two made their way out of the class room along with the rest of the group.

Whilst on the walk Nicholas pondered what Haley meant by love. He walked up beside her and asked, still quite taken aback, “If you love me, does- does- that mean we’re going to get married someday?”. Haley looks looked at him and responded as though the answer was completely obvious, “Of course not Nicholas!! I’m going to marry my mommy and daddy!”. Still quite perplexed by this confusing little lady he simply replied once more, “oh.”