You find yourself more in love than you ever thought possible. There she lays, in your arms, perfect in every way. Every fiber of your being reacts in an instant to the reception of this precious little gift. She is your baby girl. You immediately acknowledge how fragile this little human is. In that moment, you vow to yourself right then and there, that you will do all you can to ensure that she is treated with the utmost care. She is a reflection of the love shared the night she was created. She is the product of the 9 months of cautious nurture and care of the beautiful womb that carried her. You felt this gorgeous baby’s kicks at night as your wife lay fast asleep. You anticipated her arrival, picturing how this new presence would change your entire world. What would this little bundle of joy look like? Smell like? Sound like? Interact like? Would she have you smile? Your eyes? Would you see a glimpse of yourself in her as her eyes sparkled with glee each time she saw your face reappear in a simple game of peek-a-boo? Many questions flooded your mind at night. Now everything has stilled, and the only question you have is right in front of you: “how will you let this precious child know everyday, without a doubt in her mind, that her daddy loves her?”

Days, weeks, months, years go by, and you see her grow up. She is everything you could have wished for and more. It’s not exactly what she’s done, or said, but in a way, it’s all of that. It’s the perfect imperfection of this little girl, the glimpses of you and your wife in this unique individual. Her smile radiates through the room. She has your blue eyes, she has your wife’s chestnut hair. When she wants something, she imitates your old puppy dog eyes that you used to use on your own parents– sometimes even on your wife as well (in a joking manner). She has an infectious giggle that brings a smile to your face every time you hear it.

One day she comes home from high school, and she tells you she met a boy. The smile on her face gives you the impression that this boy isn’t all that bad for her. You give her a light-hearted mock interrogation anyway, and ask her “does he make you happy?” “does he treat you right?” “is there really a guy out there perfect enough for my little girl?” Then you mention one last thing: “make sure that if he ever treats you any less than you deserve, you walk away, because you’re the most precious gift anyone ever could receive and he sure as hell better know that.” That night, thoughts race through your mind. You remember her first words, the tears you kissed away when she fell down and scraped her knee for the first time, the pride you had when she finally learned how to ride a bike without training wheels, the times you’d come in the kitchen and find her and your wife baking cookies, her first day of school. It all felt like it was just yesterday. Now she’s going on her first date. Your little girl has acknowledged the opposite sex in a new way. She no longer sees these boys as friends anymore. There is the potential that one of these days, she may even kiss one of these boys. That thought is tough to handle. This is your baby, the one you held in your arms. You face the fact that your little girl is now a sexual being, but with that comes primal intentions. How do you know this young boy will treat your daughter right, when all of his urges arise from such an primal place. Will he be able to control himself? On the other hand… will your little girl want him to control himself? A first kiss is enough to think about, but then there is so much more that could follow. Your sweet little baby’s body is seen as a sexual object now. Guys want to touch her and she wants to touch them too. Your darling’s sweet little hands and mouth may go places that would make you cringe. Picturing these things makes you sick. She’s your baby. The little girl that is only meant to be held by your loving, fatherly hands. It was only days ago that she was too small, to young, to walk on her own. So you held her in your arms for hours, staring at that spectacular little face. Your love for her was unconditional from the start, and will remain so until the end. You think of how the guys she will encounter won’t see her in the same light you have. Their love for her, if even love, won’t be unconditional for sure. Some will expect things of her. Some things you don’t even want to think about. The thoughts are put on pause, because you realize you’ll go crazy if you continue to let them ruminate.

So more days, weeks, months, years go by. Your little girl is officially a sexual being now (not that she wasn’t in the first place). There are many things that have happened that she hasn’t told you. She’s had her first kiss, she has experienced much more than that…, and she has gone through heartbreak. Guys have treated her with disrespect– she walked away just like you told her to— though sometimes she didn’t acknowledge it soon enough. The first boy to see your little angel’s unclothed, uncovered, innocent, bare body, trivialized it by jerking off to porn the following night. That boy that gave her her first kiss also gave her her first heartbreak when he cheated on her with a sexy cheerleader while he was intoxicated at a high school party. She dated the nice guys, the good guys, the losers, the jerks, the jocks. She also found the love of her life along the way, who treats her well, loves her in every way possible, and brings out the best in her every day. He’s the boy she’s bringing to thanksgiving when she comes home during the break. Little do you know, he’s the one. He encapsulates everything you could have ever wished for in a man that would hold your daughters heart.

Now don’t feel too relieved, there was another who almost won her heart before she fell for your new potential son-in-law. With this other man, things appeared to be perfectly fine. He was successful and had a fairly good income. He knew that this beautiful girl was too good for him. Yet when a problem would arise, he would blame her, he’d go into denial and would never apologize for his actions. Sometimes he would apologize— but only when it benefited him. If they would have married, he would have barked the words “get out of MY house” when he was frustrated. He would say things to tear her down, not build her up. Any accomplishment of hers would be overlooked. When enraged, he’d bring fear into your little girl’s heart. She would run to the closest room and lock herself inside until he had calmed down. He’s the one who would have stormed out of the house at  2 am in the morning, slamming the door behind him, screeching the car tires as he peeled out of the drive way. He would have been the one to bring doubt, fear, and sadness to your little girl’s heart those nights, making her ask why she deserved this treatment.

No one “deserves” to be treated that way. In this alternate ending, your little girl just found herself in a bad situation. Could you have imagined though, the heartache you would have felt for your little girl if it had gone that way? Wouldn’t you have wanted to walk straight up to that evil man and look him right in the eye and tell him off? Tell him he doesn’t deserve someone as amazing and precious as your little girl?

What if I told you there is a simple way to make sure that this never happens to your daughter/ future daughter? No one would ever break the heart of your bundle of joy, and it involves only one simple task: Treat everyone else’s baby girls with care. That woman you slept with tonight, that girl you’ve been planning to bang, the girl you cheated on when you were younger, the girl you only intend to sleep with. All of them are someone’s baby girl. Treat them as so. If not, how would you ever expect someone else to treat your’s with the utmost care?

Tangent, cosine, adjacent.. ? Nope, just two tangents 

Well it looks like I’ve committed to writing a third post for the theme of tv shows and video games having taught me something, so let’s see how long I can keep this up…
The next show is “suite life on deck.” It was a spin off of the show “the suite life of Zack and Cody.” For those of you who don’t know either show, I’ll begin by introducing “the suite life of Zack and Cody.” The show is based on two twin boys who live with their mom in a hotel that she is employed by. The twins have a typical life, except that they have the constant excitement of living in a large hotel. Now as far as “suite life on deck goes,” it’s still based on the twin’s life, but now they attend a school onboard a cruise ship and they’re older.
Now even though they were older in the show, I myself was still quite young (another show from my childhood), so I still had a few concepts to be introduced to, and one of them was placebos. They explained it in a way that made it very easy to understand.
I distinctly remember sitting in my psychology class I took a few semesters ago, where my teacher mentioned placebos, and I was brought back to the moment when I first heard about them, through that tv show. 
Now even though I promised you all that I would continue with the theme of what I’ve gained from tv shows and video games, I’d like to digress, and elaborate on the concept of placebos. 
To me, the concept of placebos is amazing. I can’t imagine anything to have such a profound affect on your body, as much as your mind does. Our minds are powerful, and our bodies are sensitive to our thoughts. Every unappealing or unfavorable thing that occurs to our body can correlate in some way to our mind and our thinking. When stressed out, some may break out, some may loose hair (or get grey hairs), and some may gain that unfavorable pouch of fat that loves to form where the stomach and pelvic region meet. When relaxed, we appear healthy, because our minds are healthier. When someone sweats because of heat, versus when someone sweats because of nerves (typically smells worse than B. O., but we’ll go with B.O. as the name for now..). It’s all based on what’s going on in our minds. Where I work (a rock climbing gym), the customers I encounter are put into a situation that can induce terrible B.O. I’ve noticed that kids tend to produce the foul smell more than adults, but adults have their fair share of nervous sweating as well. It seems that the fear and adrenaline that surge through a person who is more uncertain of the situation they’ve found themselves in, produces a more unappealing smell than usual. I know pheromones may come into play, but I’ve formed a little hypotheses of my own… What if, back in more primal times, this nasty smell was supposed to warn others that there was danger nearby (like how gas from gas stoves has been made to smell nasty as hell when the knobs are turned and the gas starts leaking, in order to alert the owners of a leak). Or since confidence and security in oneself during situations of uncertainty is an admirable quality of a leader, maybe the scent was supposed to notify others of social ranking. 
Readers I think you may be upset to know, but I just went on a tangent while going on a tangent, so back to my first tangent… 
The mind is powerful, and the results from changing your mindset are amazing. Also, the ability to trick yourself into a false belief (or belief that isn’t fully full proof) that brings about positive results is fascinating. 
Such as the idea of faith. Not faith in any particular religion, but a faith in a higher deity. The belief that there is an explanation to all of this, and that there is someone (something) looking over you, or some universal pull to lead you down the correct path. Having faith in just the basic idea of a higher power is very calming. You don’t feel alone anymore. When you find yourself in silence, all alone with your thoughts, you know that your deity is like an imaginary friend sitting right beside you. 

A sweet little memory

This is the short story of Nicholas and Haley. I didn’t know much about the two of them or how they initially met. What I do know, though, is that they both played part in one of the cutest memories that will be forever stuck in my mind.

They both joined a class to widen their knowledge of nature. When Nicholas came into class the first day he was wearing an undeniably cute little plaid short sleeved button up, plus his binoculars that were hung around his neck. Haley was as pale as a cotton ball, with her thin woodsy-maroon hair pulled back into a light little ponytail.

It was about midway through the class when they were about to be led on a nature hike. Haley went to pick up Nicholas’s binoculars for him, because he had placed them on the table during one of the activities. Confused, Nicholas quickly made his way over to her and exclaimed “Haley! Are you trying to steal my binoculars?!”. Shocked that he would even accuse her of that, she quickly replied, “No Nicholas, I would never do that, I- I-I love you Nicholas!!”. Relieved, but still quit puzzled, he answered back, “Oh.” The two made their way out of the class room along with the rest of the group.

Whilst on the walk Nicholas pondered what Haley meant by love. He walked up beside her and asked, still quite taken aback, “If you love me, does- does- that mean we’re going to get married someday?”. Haley looks looked at him and responded as though the answer was completely obvious, “Of course not Nicholas!! I’m going to marry my mommy and daddy!”. Still quite perplexed by this confusing little lady he simply replied once more, “oh.”