Sitting, surrounded by people, and none know a single thing that’s going on. The opposite sex accidentally reveals their struggle blatantly, but yours remains hidden. It’s random, unexpected, but also pleasant. You’re not supposed to feel these sensations while in public. It’s a private matter. You tell yourself to stop. To think about neutral topics. Despite it all, your body rages on. Coerced by nothing, stimulated by the unexpected. It’s just happening. As hard as you try to stop it, to repress it, it continues on. 

The second you can, you run to a private space. You question why you’d allow yourself to feel such innapropriate sensations in public. ‘It didn’t harm anyone.’ ‘Yeah, but it’s also deviant behavior.’ 

There’s a knock at the door. You answer, and in he walks. That innocent little striped dress is now slipped off of your body by his big hands, with your assistance. Next thing you know, there you lay, directly undrrneath him, both of you with minimal fabric to cover your bodies and shield your eyes from lustful glances. His gaze is begging to look at your body in its one true state. Unclothed, unaltered, the imperfections revealed. You look into his eyes and desire the same of him. To have him reveal his body, for you to watch as he unveils what your body is begging to see. Both of you take turns indulging in how every part of one another’s bodies feel under the touch of your hands, how wonderful it is to run your mouth along the most delicate, sensitive areas, and place a kiss, or deliver a tantalizingly gentle bite. Your lips meet, and your tongues begin to explore and intermingle, like two long lost lovers discovering one another once again. He flips you two over, and now you’re on top. You’re nearly naked form on display. The first article of clothing… Then the next… Suddenly you’ve found yourself completely stripped of everything. His eyes take in every inch of your body, arousing all of his senses. It’s his turn next, and he happily obliges. Soon, the two of you have now found yourselves ultimately revealed. There’s nothing left to cover, everything’s exposed. You indulge in your desires. Your bodies mold as one, as he moves in you. You engage in the most sensual, lustful, forbidden, sinful, dirty act known to man, and you love every second of it. 

lustful daydreams

Objective observance of a body cannot simply be done if you admire the soul it envelopes. To see that such a spectacular soul comes along with a perfect body is a remarkable sight. Simply interacting with them and then unexpectedly noticing a flash of their skin exposed is enough to trigger the thoughts in your mind to run wild. You envision your hands running along that perfect form, memorizing the indentations that comprise their torso. The feeling of the beautiful skin under your lips, as you trace your mouth along every inch, appreciating their body. But that’s hasty thinking, you’ve gone too far, and you’ve already sexualized them in your mind. So you refrain from envisioning anymore, in order to not taint your image of them. Your thoughts take control once more, and coincidently recall the sight of the hair that leads to an enticing view that you can only imagine. With this comes even more images of the flawless perfection you’ve only had glimpses of, and your mind attempts to imagine the rest. Your mind takes you on a wonderful journey as your thoughts transcend into a daydream. In that moment, everything and anything is possible, and you picture all of the things you would love to do with that body, but you wouldn’t dare propose in reality.
It’s a familiar struggle that every male and female goes through as they begin to “catch feelings.” Whether they be purely physical, emotional, or mental, they manifest them self in a familiar fashion. The unrequited daydreams are reminders of the currently unattainable.