Yoga pantsĀ 

Yoga pants. Yes those evil speakers of truth… I’m going to talk about them. Some love them, but some hate them. I personally couldn’t live a life without them. They’re simple, comfortable, and truthful. What I enjoy about them is that they don’t enhance or degrade your lower half, they just show it for what it is. If you’re thin, thick, or somewhere in between, yoga pants conform to your shape and display it for the world. Given that rape is kinda prevalent these days, mothers, fathers, and other authorities who disapprove of yoga pant’s innate sexual appearance, and will insist that they only disapprove because what you’re wearing causes you to be more susceptible to getting raped. Who knew that when girls finally tried to establish higher self esteem than past generations, it would be made out to be a negative, rather than a positive thing. Yoga pants cover your lower body fully with fabric, yet they also show your shape, and that’s controversial. Old men stare inappropriately at young girls in yoga pants, and it alarms parents as they take notice of the nature of this attention. Yet instead of having the “responsible, mature adults” change their ways, and instruct them to not inappropriately ogle a young girl’s body, our society shames the girls. Being comfortable in your clothing is a crime, because you are displaying it for exactly how it is. Though moms would love to claim they adopt the belief that what you wear doesn’t get you raped, they continually perpetuate that kind of thinking. Follow me on a quick tangent if you will… your jeans have pockets. Does that mean you deserve to have your valuables stolen straight off of you? It surely doesn’t, we don’t condone theft. A bank doesn’t put itself on display to be robbed on purpose, and we don’t blame the bank for mentioning that it is a bank on the sign. It is stating what it is for those who intend to use it properly, not those who want to steal from it. 
Yoga pants aren’t for men, they’re for our comfort. I can move much better in yoga pants. They don’t rip when my flexibility exceeds the fabric’s flexibility, because the fabric is even more flexible than I am. Jeans on the other hand… I could accidentally rip my jeans and be left much less covered than I would have been if I had just worn the yoga pants. Luckily I have never had my jeans rip in public, but I have at home, and the rips are in the most inconvenient areas. My yoga pants have never ripped like that.
But back to body image. I’m not sure if it’s just the women I’m around, but I’ve met many young and old women who are insecure about their bodies. I’m not sure about you, but I’d rather be surrounded by a society who wears yoga pants and loves their body, opposed to a society that displays their insecurity in their body with oversized clothing they wear to cover it. 
Let’s go on another tangent though… Why are we even wearing clothes? We surely weren’t born this way, because we have the ability to constantly change outfits. s
So obviously our naked body underneath is the only thing that remains permanent, but how did this clothing fad come about? I know clothing is a social construct, but I’m curious to know the history of how clothes came about in society. The only reason I mention this is because clothing all together is unnatural. Wearing yoga pants conforms to society’s urge to cover up, so that raises the question as to why the controversy exists in the first place. 
Aside from all of that though, no matter what you wear, thick or thin fabric, loose or tight, short or long, print or no print, no one is usually focusing on that. To an extent we do, but that is the initial thing we see before we begin to actually look at an individual. Our minds unconsciously try to figure out what shape or figure lies beneath the fabric. We use the exposed body parts as indicators for what kind of shape may exist beneath it all. Toned arms, thin arms, etc. those all help us get a grasp for someone’s musculature. Even then, we stare at the clothing, attempting to discern a silhouette beneath.  
So even while you’re fully clothed, a stranger will unconsciously undress you, because it’s simply human nature to do so. 

Our frustration

It completely baffles me at how bothered or impatient I get waiting for my IPod touch to update, YouTube video to load, and other laggy kinds of tasks that electronics have to complete. There I am just staring at this darn piece of work and I’m just thinking “why can’t you give me a while on that google page before you decide I can’t look at it anymore. Jeez!! I could totally retain all the information from all those sites and repeat it to you in a second. But no you’re just my wimpy little iPod touch that can’t stay on one task without blacking out because of all the ‘pressure’. You’re like some bottle blonde crash dieter who forgot to eat her lunch that consists of two crackers!!”
Then I thought of it this way….
Say you were the fastest sprinter that held the world record for running like 300 yards in 15 seconds (idk even know if that’s physically possible, but let’s just go with those numbers for now). After you just topped all those old records you feel on top of the world, you made a record that until the second it is conquered, is impossible for any one to beat. Sadly it’s just not good enough, your trainer, coach, whatever, tells you you’re going to run 600 yards in the same exact time it took for 300 yards. It’s crazy right!! You are astonished at what you do, yet you just can’t please the fans.
Well that same kind of insane expectations are just like the ones we put on our electronics. The normal YouTube video for a song with ever changing slides with lyrics on them and a soundtrack playing in the back is usually 2-3 minutes long. It loads pretty fast, in a matter of seconds, yet some see those micro seconds as seconds of their lives wasted waiting. But wait, then after our perfect little devices shoot out video after video in a matter of seconds we just think “yes my minion, yes -_-. Good kitty”. Then your precious little computer kitty stops to purr and switches to irritable computer kitty (like an actual cat changes its mood). The billionth video isn’t loading for you and you look at it with that disapproving stare “how dare you get over whelmed with all the different computer codes, ever changing genres of songs, lyrics, soundtracks, or video commercials!!”
Back to my sprinting example…it’s similar to when we go from a 3 minute lyrics video of a song we like, then go to a totally new song (stairway to heaven maybe? Lol) about double the length of the last video and expect it to load up just as fast with ease and no lags.
All I can say is our poor devices….