Sad Music

Recently I’ve been thinking about the differences in the music we all listen to. For some, folk music is their preference. For others, heavy metal. Some like a mixture of things, but generally there is a primary fixation on one genre. Maybe the fixation waivers and switches to an entirely new genre all together, but for the time being, they are enamored with the genre, or particular artist. I think the common theme is that no matter who you are out of these people, or what music appeals to you, we all have one common motivation that draws us to our preferred genre. We listen to and seek the things that we identify with, but also the things that make us feel empowered. Now for those of you glancing at the screen with skepticism, I’ll explain what I mean by empowered exactly. You may think that it is surely not possible that everyone’s choice of genre could truly provide empowerment. Such as for the women who listen to sexually degrading rap and enjoy dancing/ singing along to it. Even if there seems to be an underlying conflict between the content and the audience, I still believe it can provide the empowerment that I am referring to. It isn’t the topic of the songs that is important in this instance. It is the melody, the beat, the way the voice in the song sounds, the emotions it evokes from the listener. Though, it may also relate to the topic in particular instances. Such as when that sexually degrading music is being produced by someone who has their own set of difficulties. No, I’m not saying that any misogynist should be let off the hook if they are going through a small difficultly. I’m talking about an underlying emotional turmoil of the artist. Say for instance that artist fell in love. They fell in love so deeply, and found someone that makes their life complete, there is no one else out there more perfect for them than that person. Then the artist makes a choice, or perhaps a mistake, and they are torn away from their love. Either way, or whether or not that was what led them to where they are now, they find themselves so famous, that they don’t know who talks to them for them or for their fame. There is also that factor that they’re constantly put on this pedestal by all of these people they meet. Given these circumstances, they can’t connect with anyone. No one cares to know the true them. All these people assume they already know everything they need to know about the artist as a person. They’ve listened to every word they’ve ever sung, read up on their wiki page, and saw a few interviews online, so they’re an expert on them, they know everything there is to this person. So when they meet them, there is only this bland, mundane, obsessive admiration. All of this is thrown at a person who has no clue as to a single detail of the admirer’s life. The artist may appreciate their fans very much, but I highly doubt they’d ever say they enjoy the one-sidedness of it all. Considering all that must be going through their head, mixed with regular sexual urges, you may come to the conclusion that there is a bit of disconnect. It’s no longer the sex that everyone has come to know as the norm in music— It’s not making love, It’s purely physical for this person. Mostly because those surrounding them regard them in the same light. Neither seeks to discover more about the other. So the lyrics come about from these encounters. The things they sing sound detached, because they are. They are no longer regarded as simply another soul. They live in a bubble of solitude, away from everyone else. It’s not because they started out with this detached view towards women initially, it is because they are describing all it is to them anymore. It is only the acts, only the body parts involved, only the pleasure, that they can see. My point is that even underlying lyrics that come across crude or disrespectful, there lies a back story that with the comprehension of, one could come to find themselves enjoying the music of this person. Such could also be said for music containing just about anything initially offensive. So, with all of these things, no matter what genre it is, it could happen to be the genre that leaves you feeling your most empowered.

Music can also provide catharsis that leaves us with the impression of empowerment. If you haven’t experienced or felt a sense of catharsis by listening to music, then I suggest you go searching for the music that will enable you to feel it, because it is invigorating. You feel and sense every detail of the song, every nuances with your entire body. You feel as though happiness and bliss is flooding through you. You are entranced by it, and find yourself becoming at peace. After the release, your mind is at rest, and the things that generally weigh on your mind have been lifted for the meantime.

The point of all of this random babbling is that I have come to acknowledge that the music that provides me with this feeling isn’t always everyone else’s cup of tea. Some think it is sad, overly sexual, and depressing. Well they are correct, it is all of those things and more, and I love it for each one of its components. For some reason, the music that brings me the amazing feelings I just described is the kind that possesses a sullen, dark, and sexual tone. The songs I like seem to resonate within me because they are a reflection of my energy. The more I listen to it, the more energized I begin to feel, and it feels as though I’m replenishing the energy that courses throughout my body. For me, the sadness doesn’t bring me down, it makes me feel alive. I like to hear theses kinds of songs, because you can feel the emotion. It reminds me of what it’s like to be human, where sadness is a reality. Sure, happiness is as well, but that can be faked easily. No one enjoys feigning sadness in the same manner, and even if they do fake it, there still lies a genuine ounce of hurt in their voice. I guess what it is that I love about sad songs is the potency of them.

taboo, unfiltered, and tired thoughts

It may be taboo, but I’m going to write about it. The number one thing that plagues all guys, which us girls are luckily exempt from. 

Random boners.. Or boners for that matter. I’d like to start off by saying that all guys should never ever be ashamed of a boner. It’s a beautiful thing. We all have body parts that we may be uncomfortable with, and can’t seem to comprehend why the opposite sex finds it attractive. I’ll just list a few… Penises, vaginas, and boobs. These are the main body parts, that without sexualization, may have been viewed neutrally or distastefully. Though, we luckily don’t have to face that kind of a reality. Instead, we live in a world where our private parts are desired by the opposite sex (to touch, not to have.. Typically). Back to boners and their beauty…. Having an erection is like blushing, for those of you guys who don’t blush (because it seems far more common for girls to blush), this is your form of blushing. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t produce the same flush and rush you feel throughout your body when you blush, but it’s not possible for me to ever know…so I’ll just guess it’s not exactly the same feeling. Though, blushing and boners have similar basic components. They’re typically in response to some kind of provocation (so typically your romantic interest/ crush does something that intrigues you/ catches you off guard in a pleasant way). They are both involuntary. Also, they typically show your true feelings, which isn’t always appreciated by the person blushing/ getting an erection. 
An unexpected erection while hugging your crush could cause you embarrassment, but the vulnerability is endearing. Some may see boners as a violation, and that it was somehow the guy’s intent to put a girl in a compromising position by pressing it against her… But in all honesty, if feelings are reciprocated, or the girl finds you attractive, it’s not an unpleasant feeling for her. So when you’re hugging a girl and you get a random boner, don’t pull away, because you may risk her thinking that your disinterested or don’t enjoy touching her. That is, unless she pulls away… In that case, she didn’t want to feel your boner pressed against her… 
But if a girl is flirty with you, enough to the point that you’re getting random erections while hugging her, chances are she wants to be pressed against you, and the boner is just a bonus. 
Sorry if this post makes you feel in any way uncomfortable, I just felt like discussing it, cause I’ve encountered situations too many times where guys are embarrassed of their boners rather than enjoying the energizing feeling of arousal. 

First blog post

I’m new to this kind of thing, so in my posts to come, I may over punctuate, ramble on, under punctuate, talk about random things that I’ve thought about, etc. so please bare (or is it spelled bear…?) with me through my possible future mistakes. We all make mistakes right?
I have toyed with the thought of creating a blog but never started one because I am an extreme procrastinator when it comes to executing the ideas that pop in my head. The main topics I will write about will be: theories I’ve thought of (none of them are to scientific), relationships, situations, life, tv shows, movies, songs, and so on.
I have a real quick question before I end my short first post to you guys. Have you ever had something so delicious that was over caffeinated, but the deliciousness overpowered your concern about the fact that you’ll be jumpy later, then half an hour passes and you feel like you could explode from high anounts of caffeine flowing through your blood stream?