Sitting, surrounded by people, and none know a single thing that’s going on. The opposite sex accidentally reveals their struggle blatantly, but yours remains hidden. It’s random, unexpected, but also pleasant. You’re not supposed to feel these sensations while in public. It’s a private matter. You tell yourself to stop. To think about neutral topics. Despite it all, your body rages on. Coerced by nothing, stimulated by the unexpected. It’s just happening. As hard as you try to stop it, to repress it, it continues on. 

The second you can, you run to a private space. You question why you’d allow yourself to feel such innapropriate sensations in public. ‘It didn’t harm anyone.’ ‘Yeah, but it’s also deviant behavior.’ 

There’s a knock at the door. You answer, and in he walks. That innocent little striped dress is now slipped off of your body by his big hands, with your assistance. Next thing you know, there you lay, directly undrrneath him, both of you with minimal fabric to cover your bodies and shield your eyes from lustful glances. His gaze is begging to look at your body in its one true state. Unclothed, unaltered, the imperfections revealed. You look into his eyes and desire the same of him. To have him reveal his body, for you to watch as he unveils what your body is begging to see. Both of you take turns indulging in how every part of one another’s bodies feel under the touch of your hands, how wonderful it is to run your mouth along the most delicate, sensitive areas, and place a kiss, or deliver a tantalizingly gentle bite. Your lips meet, and your tongues begin to explore and intermingle, like two long lost lovers discovering one another once again. He flips you two over, and now you’re on top. You’re nearly naked form on display. The first article of clothing… Then the next… Suddenly you’ve found yourself completely stripped of everything. His eyes take in every inch of your body, arousing all of his senses. It’s his turn next, and he happily obliges. Soon, the two of you have now found yourselves ultimately revealed. There’s nothing left to cover, everything’s exposed. You indulge in your desires. Your bodies mold as one, as he moves in you. You engage in the most sensual, lustful, forbidden, sinful, dirty act known to man, and you love every second of it. 

Nipple play (aka some weird thoughts…)

By the title you probably instantly pictured boobs. Well for the moment, it’s about pecs. That’s right, male nipples. To be exact: male nipple piercings.They’ve fascinated me for a while, but I never figured out why until just now. For men to have any stimulation to their nipples, whether pleasurable or painful, is kind of taboo. Jewelry in the first place, has mainly been for women. And things such as tongue rings, nipple rings, and belly button rings have been viewed as erotic on women. Now I’m not sure of their purposes all too well, so I’m only guessing on this aspect. As far as tongue rings go, if you don’t instantly picture it involved in using your tongue for something such as I don’t know… A blow job… You’ve probably been living in a cave. Now that I think about it, it could also be useful for trailing a tongue along some nice six pack abs (that is if the metal is cold, cause then it could evoke quite a reaction). Also, maybe it would provide a little extra excitement when kissing. As far as nipple piercings go, I’d guess it’s for the aesthetics, and possibly the sensation received by the giver of nipple play (involving mouth and tongue, possibly a little nibbling). Now for the belly button ring- it’s mainly aesthetics with this one, but could also have the same results as the nipple piercings.

Initially thinking of all of these piercings, I would never imagine a guy would ever desire to have any of them. So far in my life, I’ve never seen a belly button ring on a guy. However, I’ve seen the other two piercings on guys.

There was this one homosexual male, who had a tongue ring- it made a lot of sense. I saw a guy on the beach one time with nipple piercings for the first time, a few years ago. Just recently I saw that perplexing piercing (nipple piercing) on another guy.

Now in general, nipple piercings could be broken down as a symbol of how much pain you can endure, so in a way, that aspect could be viewed as masculine. Then there is the other aspect… It’s on your nipples, the one place all of you guys tend to shy away from, when your girl is pleasuring you. Although, I did watch this one show, that showed a guy getting some nipple play, from a girl, and he seemed to enjoy receiving it (just so you know, this guy didn’t happen to have nipple piercings). My only question really is: do these random buff, macho guys that I see with nipple piercings, also enjoy the nipple play? I mean what is the function for nipple piercings otherwise? I think it may serve as a window to male sexuality, that’s displayed in plain sight. Not necessarily that they are gay, but rather, that they indulge in a kink not explored by many other men.

I don’t necessarily think that if a guy doesn’t get nipple piercings, or is too uncomfortable receiving pleasure there, that he’s wrong in any way for deciding to be that way. On the other hand though, I think these guys who enjoy getting those piercings and feeling the sensations as the receiving end, have discovered a wonderful thing for themselves. As a girl, I know it’s a pleasurable sensation, so I would feel bad if a guy simply refused to receive it because he thought it was a girl thing- all people can find pleasure within this wonderful thing we call nipple play.