Tangent, cosine, adjacent.. ? Nope, just two tangents 

Well it looks like I’ve committed to writing a third post for the theme of tv shows and video games having taught me something, so let’s see how long I can keep this up…
The next show is “suite life on deck.” It was a spin off of the show “the suite life of Zack and Cody.” For those of you who don’t know either show, I’ll begin by introducing “the suite life of Zack and Cody.” The show is based on two twin boys who live with their mom in a hotel that she is employed by. The twins have a typical life, except that they have the constant excitement of living in a large hotel. Now as far as “suite life on deck goes,” it’s still based on the twin’s life, but now they attend a school onboard a cruise ship and they’re older.
Now even though they were older in the show, I myself was still quite young (another show from my childhood), so I still had a few concepts to be introduced to, and one of them was placebos. They explained it in a way that made it very easy to understand.
I distinctly remember sitting in my psychology class I took a few semesters ago, where my teacher mentioned placebos, and I was brought back to the moment when I first heard about them, through that tv show. 
Now even though I promised you all that I would continue with the theme of what I’ve gained from tv shows and video games, I’d like to digress, and elaborate on the concept of placebos. 
To me, the concept of placebos is amazing. I can’t imagine anything to have such a profound affect on your body, as much as your mind does. Our minds are powerful, and our bodies are sensitive to our thoughts. Every unappealing or unfavorable thing that occurs to our body can correlate in some way to our mind and our thinking. When stressed out, some may break out, some may loose hair (or get grey hairs), and some may gain that unfavorable pouch of fat that loves to form where the stomach and pelvic region meet. When relaxed, we appear healthy, because our minds are healthier. When someone sweats because of heat, versus when someone sweats because of nerves (typically smells worse than B. O., but we’ll go with B.O. as the name for now..). It’s all based on what’s going on in our minds. Where I work (a rock climbing gym), the customers I encounter are put into a situation that can induce terrible B.O. I’ve noticed that kids tend to produce the foul smell more than adults, but adults have their fair share of nervous sweating as well. It seems that the fear and adrenaline that surge through a person who is more uncertain of the situation they’ve found themselves in, produces a more unappealing smell than usual. I know pheromones may come into play, but I’ve formed a little hypotheses of my own… What if, back in more primal times, this nasty smell was supposed to warn others that there was danger nearby (like how gas from gas stoves has been made to smell nasty as hell when the knobs are turned and the gas starts leaking, in order to alert the owners of a leak). Or since confidence and security in oneself during situations of uncertainty is an admirable quality of a leader, maybe the scent was supposed to notify others of social ranking. 
Readers I think you may be upset to know, but I just went on a tangent while going on a tangent, so back to my first tangent… 
The mind is powerful, and the results from changing your mindset are amazing. Also, the ability to trick yourself into a false belief (or belief that isn’t fully full proof) that brings about positive results is fascinating. 
Such as the idea of faith. Not faith in any particular religion, but a faith in a higher deity. The belief that there is an explanation to all of this, and that there is someone (something) looking over you, or some universal pull to lead you down the correct path. Having faith in just the basic idea of a higher power is very calming. You don’t feel alone anymore. When you find yourself in silence, all alone with your thoughts, you know that your deity is like an imaginary friend sitting right beside you. 

Press pause or reset

Do you press pause or reset? When two people date for a few months or longer, but then breakup, what do they do if they get back together? Is it assumed that you resume where you left off, or clear the slate, pushing a further commitment farther in the future?
This situation was brought up in a show that I’ve mentioned before, called “how I met your mother”. The main character Ted was dating a girl that I shall keep anonymous (for fellow HIMYM watchers who haven’t seen the episode), and she kept dropping hints about a further commitment. Because she felt that the months they dated before should count as well.
Personally I think that you should probably resume rather than reset. You already know each other, and how you’ve felt before. If you both come back together agreeing that you made a mistake and are meant to be together, you shouldn’t wait and wait before you commit further. Although you should delve into what the cause of your break up was. Leaving that problem behind could just cause it to resurface later on in your relationship.

That’s all I can think of on that topic for now, but if you have your own points on why you should reset or press pause feel free to comment below :p.

Bye my fellow bloggers :).

Re-watching shows

I have come to find that I get into tv series way to much. To the point where when I finish the entire series I may watch it again just because I know I like it. So far it’s happened with the shows Greek, How I Met Your Mother, and I’m pretty sure there are a few more that I just can’t remember now. Oh, I just thought of another, DDD (Drop Dead Diva). My point is though, that I re-watch shows even when I already know exactly what’s going to happen!!
I think it may have to do with the fact that it is familiar and I know that it will bring me guaranteed entertainment. I know that I won’t risk 30 minutes of my life on some crappy tv episode all because I was reassured by a friend that it “gets better as it goes along”. I guess I like knowing what I’m getting into when I sit down to watch something on tv. I tend to get irritated when I waste my time on something so boring, just because I was trying to give whatever it was, a chance.
Another reason why I probably re-watch tv series is because I become attached and fond of all of the characters in the show. Or sometimes the series’s ends to soon or in such a bad way that I crave to re-watch it in its prime, and possibly stop right before it ends badly. I’ve never actually done that though, because I can’t stand to leave it unfinished even though I have already seen those episodes. But then they’re not in order of how I recently watched them I think to myself. So I have to re-watch them as well.
Even though I may seem insane for re-watching entire series of shows, I have reasons for why I re-watch all of these particular series. For ‘Greek’, it was to watch my favorite characters fall in and out of love time and again, while other love triangles and couples were being formed around them (plus the added drama of breakups and random hookups). When it came to ‘Drop Dead Diva’, it was Jane who brought me back for seconds, to watch her little effervescent personality in her new plus sized body, opposed to her old super model physique. The way Jane handles cases (she’s a lawyer :p) and life around her just draws you in. At last, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ made me fall in love with the tight nit group of friends, and Barney’s random acts of pick up artistry that were eloquently planned and plotted inside his play book.

So a question for you all….are any of you addicted to re-watching some of your favorite shows? :p