The cuddle weather looming on the horizon

At the end of last summer I was dreading the cold lonely days that we know as cuddle weather…. (for those of you who don’t, it consists of the late fall and early winter months). The calm air that slowly knocks the leaves one by one to the ground, informing us that winter will be approaching in only just a little while. What makes these months enjoyable, despite the fact that we are no longer sweating down our backs when we just step outside, is that we can take full advantage of the excuse of needing a cuddle buddy :3.
The reason why last year was a lonely cuddle weather for me, was because I was single, with no cuddle buddy in sight. It was mid fall when I had realized my true desire for a cuddle buddy, but at that point it was to late. Everyone had coupled up after their promiscuous summer days, and things fell back into a coupled cycle, everyone already having their cuddle buddy reserved.
My lack of a cuddle buddy made me feel lonely because I could only imagine the endless cuddle weather activities you could do with one :D. Like: sipping hot cocoa, sitting by the fire, cuddling anywhere (outside on a blanket, inside on a couch, or a bed, etc.), keeping each other warm ;), pretending to be arctic dragons that blow air (like when you blow air and you see your breath in the winter) instead of fire :p, going on walks only to come back to a warm house to defrost, watching movies snuggled up in a blanket, going to bonfires together, the options are limitless :).
I think I’ll end this post stating that I think we all learn something new every day given a minuscule event that may happen in our day. I say this because I learned a little tid bit of information today as a result of this post. I wasn’t quite sure what months went with each season, so I googled it :). I learned that fall consists of: September, October, and November. Winter: december, January, February. Spring: March, April, may. Summer: June, July, and August. (just in case you didn’t know that :p).

Bring on the cuddle weather :3!!!

Endless summer

So far my summer has seemed never ending. The days have been usually long, but those that felt short probably were the best days I had this summer.

In the span of my summer days, I’ve had my days filled by the enjoyable job of entertaining an Exchange student from France. We went to the movies, pool, mountains, water park, gym (every week day), rock climbing, Washington DC, etc. Most of the activities I did this summer were meant to give my family’s new little French fry the experience of what some things are like in America. He, yes a he, even though I’m a girl, the same age as him…. tried most foods we have in America that I barely even eat regularly. He had Twinkies, pop tarts, gold fish (which was like his crack, he loved the stuff haha), burgers, Reece’s peanut butter cups, and other various food items. My sister and I also sparked an interest in him to create a new concoction. It all started when he saw us eat our favorite food, which just so happens to be really strange, it’s oatmeal. So he got a cup and made some hot cocoa and then got the plain oats and poured them into his hot cocoa. It was probably the strangest way to have them, but they turned out satisfactory to him, and it became a snack he would occasionally have.

When our exchange student (Louis) first got here, there was a little bit of a fear that he possibly wouldn’t click with our family. I even looked up my sister’s, my, and Louis’s zodiac signs to see if the personalities of our signs were slightly compatible. They weren’t, it said it was an awkward match. On the contrary though, it turned out to be very pleasant and not awkward at all when it came down to it all. He charmed his way into our family and everybody got along with him just fine, finding individual things each of us clicked with, with him. For my sister and I it was fitness and talking with him; my father enjoyed taking him out with him to do the shopping, talk about guy stuff (I guess? haha), and getting a little daring together, when it came to our trip to the mountains; my mother liked the aspect of broadening his experience here by talking to him about some bits of history when the topic arose, she also enjoyed our little escapades to introduce him to a new american food and waiting to see his reaction to the taste; as for my brother’s connection with him, I would say there may not have been a huge one, but I think my brother enjoyed having another guy around the house, even though he was out and about most of the time Louis was here.

Back to my earlier comment about him being a guy exchange student. You may think “wouldn’t that be awkward when he sees you at home without make up on?”, “what about one of you developing a possible crush on one another?”, “he’s a guy, isn’t there the possibility of the dynamics of conversation being a little awkward since there is the gender difference?”, “why did you choose to have a guy not a girl?”, etc. The make up one ended up indifferent since after the first few days or week he was here I stopped wearing make up completely. He and everyone I came into contact with in public saw me looking the exact same. The possible crush question was easily solved since my sister and I both had and still have boyfriends, to which we were faithful to, so we didn’t give Louis even an inch of encouragement in that direction. Later on he ended up completely solving that one even further on his own, anyway….. ;). But there were still billions of times when he would flirt with us, tease us, tickle us, and mess around with us in flirtatious ways. With our conversations gender didn’t seem to be a barrier and we could all pretty much talk about anything with each other. As for choosing a guy over a girl, I wanted a guy exchange student all along, because I generally prefer to interact with guys rather than girls. They generally put behind all that petty junk, and are willing to risk breaking a nail or two to do something that may make them smelly as well. Also, we wouldn’t have known if a girl exchange student would have been the type of girl that loved to stir up drama.

So now onto explaining how Louis solved the problem further…. oh our little Frenchmen, he was very impressive in his skills and managed to find just the right girl to fit his particular situation… It was when we decided to invite our not so close friend’s family to come to the water park with us. The girl immediately took interest in him and was fully aware of how attractive she thought he was. So my sister and I planned for the two of them to go on a raft together and we would be on a separate one, each time we went on a ride. After about 2-3 hours into our time at the water park it became time for lunch, and as we were all at the cabana some time or another, Louis leaned in and kissed our friend and she reciprocated without hesitation. Throughout the rest of the time there, they were all over each other, holding hands, him giving her piggy backs in the wave pool, him holding her close in the wave pool, them kissing, etc. On the way back home they also were making out in the back seat. Let’s just say the feeling between them was pretty mutual… lol. For the rest of his stay in America he would go to her house occasionally when they got the chance, and they became boyfriend and girlfriend. So now my sister and I have created a new term that is called doing a Louis. It’s where an exchange student in a different country manages to get a girl or guy that quickly, or in the span of a week or so (anytime during their stay, before they leave that country).

Another experience I had this summer, due to having Louis staying here, was missing the dead line to bring him to his flight, which we had not expected so we had to ‘live off the land’ until the next day when another plane would leave the same time. By ‘live off the land’ I pretty much mean that we had to get a hotel at the last minute when we currently had no place at all to stay, and using siri to navigate us through the city while we looked for the hotel, places to eat, and the store, to buy ourselves stuff like clean under wear, tooth brushes, a hairbrush, etc. We all claimed that the flight didn’t work out so that we would have one last little hurrah and have a going away party in the hotel room.

All in all it was an enjoyable time we had with Louis, but now that he’s gone we can also get back to our usual lives, minus having one extra person around the house. It was a very unique experience to have him here and his English was effortlessly perfect for communication between us all. He ended up being just the right fit :).

Just what I needed! :D

I’m pretty sure you have all heard of Mario, super Mario bros, Mario cart, and many other games with the Mario name tagged on it. Well Mario has a trade mark catch phrase: “just what I needed”. We seem to laugh at little Mario  or completely zone out his voice in all, but his catch phrase reins true. Sometimes something happens and you think to yourself, that’s “just what I needed!” Say you’re not as happy as you could be a certain day. Then out of the blue, either someone compliments you, makes a sweet gesture, or whatever it may be, it just lights up your mood, and your smile is contagious. A smile is one of the simplest acts of kindness that we can give out each day, why don’t we do it more often? Usually we don’t think back to the traditional southern hospitality mentality. Where you see someone, wave, smile, say hello, comment on what a great day it is. All whilst passing by. We have all seemed to adopt a little hint of the northern ways of interacting. If you can even call it interacting. I’m not saying that all northerners are evil people who don’t have a soul, but they seem to have an idea of where their going and how they will execute their plan with the least interruptions to meet all their dead lines. So now instead of talking to people casually passing, we avoid eye contact, in fear of the other person thinking we have the cynical mind of a serial killer out looking for their next prey, or the possibility of awkward prolonged eye contact, etc. It’s all just so confusing to think about, we bypass it all together. Unless….. the person is close to your age, and idea of a perfect mate, you will most likely think about trying as hard as you can to avoid giving them the wrong impression. Yet still even when you want to appear all vivacious and flirty to that eligible prospect, chances are you could very well, cop out and glance coyly to your feet, cause that’s way sexier than exchanging feisty eye contact with them….Back to my main point though, why does the human race grow more and more uncomfortable with the people passing by on the street. We’re all so self conscious about how others perceive us, for all we know they could be focusing on how they are being perceived way to much to even care how we slightly glanced their way. I’ve noticed that when I feel my most confident I have acted more confident, felt happier, and didn’t seem to get as bothered by the little slips I have made, cause I disregarded the way I was being viewed and just thought “what the hay, no one saw that anyway”. I tend to mainly feel confident about my self after a little boost of happiness though, and that’s where the phrase Mario is famous for: “just what I needed”. Some of my “just what I needed” moments have been when I accomplished a goal I set, saw an adorable picture of an animal (don’t judge…it is a happiness inducer all in the same), thinking about a funny moment, listening to a an awesome song, waking up feeling well rested, doing something I love to do, reading an amazing story (in a book, blog, artical, newspaper, etc.), laying on the finely trimmed grass in the summer with the heat of the sun on your back and the breeze cooling you off, when someone compliments me, when I get a nice hug from someone, and many other day brightening mini events.

I hope you had a “just what I needed” moment today, because they truly can turn a sad, neutral, uneventful day, completely around.