The girl and her teddy bear

The girl and her teddy bear.

At a young age a little girl was introduced to her brand new teddy bear. She had been given baby blankets, quirky toys, and all other sorts of stuffed animals. Nothing had sufficed, until that day.
Adults looked at her and her teddy bear, and assumed the love for him wouldn’t last long, because she had never become attached to any of her other toys. Even if she ending up becoming attached, they all knew that the love for your teddy bear as a child is only a passing faze.
Years passed by as the little girl grew, she matured, her personality evolved and changed. Yet she still had the same love for her teddy bear. She told herself that she would keep her teddy bear forever and never let him go.
While all the years were passing she also grew very possessive of her teddy. When other kids would try to take him she would get upset easily. She thought that if someone took him she didn’t know what he would do without her. They had shared their bond for so long, she knew her teddy bear could never be somebody else’s teddy bear, it just wouldn’t be the same. When anyone would take him and even threaten to hurt him, the little girl did anything to save her teddy bear from the grasps of their hands.
She and her teddy bear slept together every night, she cuddled him close never letting him go. They played together everyday, and she would hide him in her backpack so she could have him at school as well.
That little girl is now an old woman, and she has stayed with her teddy bear through thick and thin all those years. No one ever understood the love or the bond they had for each other, but they knew all along that it would last a lifetime.
In the end this wasnt a story about a girl an her teddy bear. It was a story about the love between two highschool sweet hearts, carie and teddy, that lasted forever.