Fifty shades of grey and virginity

Recently I’ve been caught up with some learning and thinking about stuff that doesn’t really interest me (school), so I thought I’d free my mind by sharing a few non-school related thoughts.
Just a few nights ago, I watched fifty shades of grey. For those of you who hate it, hold on before you judge me about this, and for those of you who loved it, take my critique with a grain of salt.
For those of you who don’t know what fifty shades of grey is about, I’ll give you a brief summary. It’s about a young, wealthy entrepreneur and a slightly unsure virgin, finding themselves intertwined with one another in a sexual contract. The guy, mr grey, has singular tastes and only participates in bdsm, and not simply vanilla sex. Anastasia steel (the girl) is a bit apprehensive at first, because she doesn’t want to be his “sex slave” as she puts it.
Time for the evaluation of the movie. For those of you who haven’t watched it, there may be a few spoilers below, so I’m warning you now.

This movie had a lot of intrigue initially because it appeared to have potential. As I watched it though, I couldn’t find the intrigue I was expecting to translate into the movie. Honestly the plot didn’t compensate for the nudity. It wasn’t a typical bdsm relationship, it was mr grey’s version of a bdsm relationship. In real bdsm, you take pleasure in being the dominant and don’t look like some surgeon doing a routine surgery. The dominant doesn’t do all of the work. You’d think in a situation where someone could be mistaken for a sex slave, they’d at least touch the dominant or give him pleasure just once at least. Now I’m not going to say that it was the worst movie of all time, becuause I didn’t watch the last few minutes of it, so I don’t have the right to judge it completely without watching every bit of it. I will tell you how I think it could have been improved though. It should be remade with two actors completely unattached. Jamie dornan (mr grey) has a wife…. That totally closes off the opportunity for him to actually bring an unbridled passion with him on set, which you need in order to properly portray chemistry. Now I’m not saying they didn’t do the movie right, because maybe the writer wasn’t looking to portray a typical bdsm relationship, and rather an abusive relationship that was masked with the unrepresentative title of a “bdsm relationship”. All in all, I personally wouldn’t watch the rest of it or the sequels, because it just didn’t really do anything for me. Though I’m not saying it will be the same for others, some of you may love it, and some of you may hate it. 

Now onto my next topic of random thoughts. One night I was watching the bachelor (again, hold your judgement), and it revealed that some of these beautiful women were still virgins. I ended up asking a few guys what they thought of girls being virgins, and the answers all varied. One said that its not a plus, but rather a minus. He said that she would not be experienced enough or know what to do. Another guy answered by saying that it all really varies because people don’t need to go lose their virginity or necessarily keep it. He thought that it was all subjective to the person and their life, and if they had lost it, then they had lost it and if they didn’t, they didn’t. He thought it was a very fluid thing that didn’t have a time requirement necessarily, so he didn’t see why you would need to care if your partner was a virgin or not. He also didn’t think that those who have had sex would necessarily be any better than those who have had sex. Then the last viewpoint I got was that it would be a plus for the girl to be a virgin because that means she is untouched in that particular way, and it could be special between the two of you, and you wouldn’t be picturing her with all of her other romantic partners. 

Comment if you have any thoughts you’d like to share, I’d love to hear them! 

More random things in my life

I have realized I have now created a pattern for myself. Right when someone breaks up with me, the next day, someone I am interested in always asks me out! So I go from breaking up with someone, strait to another relationship in a matter of days. The thing is, I don’t even give guys an inch of interest during that time, cuz I’m still in the break up mindset. But they always ask me out. If I wasn’t asked out by the guys I’m interested in, I’d be the type of person who would actually stay single for a while. Honestly though, with my track record, I think it’s impossible. I guess I’m to flirty without thinking about it, so when guys hear I’m single they decide to take a chance and ask me out. I don’t know…haha.

Another thing my lovely followers, and random passers bye. I have come to find in my few relationships that sometimes you can be with a person and think you know them, but you may not. You may think someone loves you because they say so, they may not. We all are constantly evolving as people, and sometimes our emotions and feelings decide to change to. Which results in changed feelings for someone you may have initially though you loved. We think that we know how to guard our heart, but we usually don’t. We think we’re intuitive and know if someone is genuine or fake. I don’t think we can ever see or predict how relationships will be. That’s why I believe we all might as well love with the fullest capacity of ours hearts. Although, these realizations also make me realize that as a virgin, if you think the person you give your virginty to will be with you forever, you may be wrong. Adding that aspect into it all brings about an even bigger let down. By doing that, you were vulnerable in every way. Only you know your own true intentions. The people we come across on life know their intentions as well, but we can never be sure that we truly know what theirs are. On the contrary, the people around you don’t know why your intentions are either. Moral of the story: give your heart to everyone you meet, not your V card. Your heart may hurt emotionally from a breakup, but losing your V card hurts in all ways.

Goodnight my readers. I must go to sleep, because my eyes are closing at this very second :p haha.